Responsibility Campaign

Responsibility Walk and Responsibility Board

BE RESPONSIBLE WALK: It has been observe that young people don’t want to think again thereby working from outside to inside which is the hallmark of mediocrity. “Be Responsible walk serves as a reawakening call from parents to youths, from fathers to son and daughters, from brothers to sisters to promote the  values and ideals  our founding fathers stood on (hard work, diligence, Honesty) in  creating environment that works.


  • To enlighten young people the opportunities in different sectors which many young people are not aware of.
  • We also seek to promote the great work in your field so as to inspire young people in thinking of what they can do for their nation and not what their nation act do for them.
  • Our aim is to get many young people to explore this opportunities so as to make their world a better place.

Do The Dream Youth Development Initiative is the wonderful thing that will happen to me. A secondary school graduates with great ability, my life is made already. Through the entrepreneurship programme in which I was given the opportunity to serve, I am grateful. The event has been a blessing to me and I am determined through the help of God to make my world better than I met it. Thank you Do The Dream.

Isreal I