DOTHEDREAM Leadership Seminars Secondary Schools

Do The Dream Leadership Seminar was designed to create a platform for the voices of teenagers and youths to be amplified. It is aimed at promoting education, value reorientation and behavioural /attitudinal change, and also seeks to promote the ideals of the MDGs vis-à-vis empowering youths with relevant information that will enable them make informed choices and decisions at all levels, for the betterment of their lives and society.

Girls Are Assets Summit for Girls only schools. (Part of Weekly Leadership Seminars)

The background idea of this conference is to make an average girl understand the reason for her existence. This conference will elucidate that girls are to live and not just exist. It will create an awareness of the inherent ‘Girl Power’ to achieve what she has been designed to achieve. This seminars and summits instigate, inspire and influence each girl to become an exceptional performer in whatever chosen field or career. This conference will lift whatever barrier an average placed on the Girl / Lady / Woman becoming the best they can know well that “the big tree was once a seed”

Do The Dream Youth Development Initiative is the wonderful thing that will happen to me. A secondary school graduates with great ability, my life is made already. Through the entrepreneurship programme in which I was given the opportunity to serve, I am grateful. The event has been a blessing to me and I am determined through the help of God to make my world better than I met it. Thank you Do The Dream.

Isreal I