Annual Leadership and Youth Development Summit

This is a place where disconnection of generation is bridged. It is a learning annexe where younger generation meets young people and they both learn from people in which they never imagine they could meet in their life.

Delegates from 6 Educational districts, ministry of education will be brought under a room to interact on the need for them to take responsibility and be the change that will inspire their world. Sometimes the secondary schools students meet with higher institution and learn from them what it takes to live and understand the two different levels of life.

Do The Dream Youth Development Initiative is the wonderful thing that will happen to me. A secondary school graduates with great ability, my life is made already. Through the entrepreneurship programme in which I was given the opportunity to serve, I am grateful. The event has been a blessing to me and I am determined through the help of God to make my world better than I met it. Thank you Do The Dream.

Isreal I