About Do The Dream YDI

DoTheDream Youth Development Initiative is a nongovernmental, nonreligious organization that focuses on using both formal and informal education as a creative tool for developing and empowering youths towards promoting change in society.

DoTheDream events / projects which include ‘DoTheDream Leadership Seminar’, Annual ‘DoTheDream Leadership and Youth Development Summit’,DoTheDream Empowerment summit for higher institutions and NYSC camps, DoTheDream Leadership Library’ DoTheDream Maximum Impact, DoTheDream  Entrepreneurship Scheme, DoTheDream Responsibility Walk, and Say No To Bad Lyrics arose from a burning desire to reach out to high school students, youths in higher institutions, youths, those planning to retire and the retired” and kindle in them the desire to aspire for greatness irrespective of their background or perceived circumstances.

Over the years, the organization has undertaken several activities and projects focused primarily Girls Education, education, entrepreneurship, information and communication technology, for  teenagers, youths ,the retired and those planning to retire to take control of their future and adding value to the adults through their advocacy and capacity building in order to maximize their opportunities.

Over the years, organisations has been  in forefront of youth development with partnership from United Nations information Centre, Ministry of Education, Lagos state, Ministry of Youths etc thus far given birth to many leaders who understands the purpose of their existence. The team comprises of young people whose purpose is to impact their world. These people understand the power of becoming the dream where they are, with what they have inside them. They have decided to look inward and tap into the diamond deposited in them and using it to recreate their world. They are professionals in different fields occupying top echelon positions like Managing Directors (MDs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Veteran Sport Journalists, Musical Artistes, Entertainment icons who are referred to as the true investor.

Do The Dream Entrepreneurial Scheme designed to build the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone especially those planning to retire has produce more entrepreneurs in different sectors who through the event jumpstart the entrepreneurial spirit deposited in them.

The organisation became registered on the 5th April 2012 with number CAC/IT/51623

The vision

Our Vision is to help the youth find their voice(s) and create a platform for the voices to be amplified in recreating the world.

The mission

To impact relevant knowledge both formal and informal in order to aspire for greatness.

Our Operational Framework

  • Youth and Educational Development hinged on innovation and Technology
  • Capacity Building on Thought Leadership, Youth inclusion
  • Content creation
  • Project Management and consulting Responsibilities along lines of our core areas of expertise

Our Core Value

  • S – Sacrifice
  • I – Integrity
  • N – Nurturing
  • C – Credibility
  • E – Excellence
  • R – Responsibility
  • E – Establish

Do The Dream Youth Development Initiative is the wonderful thing that will happen to me. A secondary school graduates with great ability, my life is made already. Through the entrepreneurship programme in which I was given the opportunity to serve, I am grateful. The event has been a blessing to me and I am determined through the help of God to make my world better than I met it. Thank you Do The Dream.

Isreal I


  • To create awareness and promote Sustainable Development Goals in the society
  • To inspire creativity and entrepreneurship in the youth
  • To create a platform upon which the youth shall become the agents of change in the society
  • To provide a forum for the education on Information and Communication Technology, Environment, Health, HIV, Governance, Girls Education, climate change in order to foster development in the society.
  • To mentor the youths in building a successful career
  • To set up a Leadership Library in all Government schools across the Federation and Africa so as to improve learning culture and prepare them for future leadership roles.

Educate the youths, Build The Nation