DOTHEDREAM Entrepreneurship Scheme

DoTheDream Entrepreneurial Scheme is designed to build the entrepreneurship in people especially those planning to retire, retired and young school leavers. The event inspires the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity that builds the courage of starting business where they are and profit from it at this same time becoming the problem solver.

The programme partners with professional organization in achieving this so as to produce world class entrepreneurs as well as great innovators. It brings the entrepreneur in every dream knowing that every dream generates businesses which assist a doer on sustenance and allow the passion to keep burning. The organisation partners chief executive officers of reputable organisations.

The organisations are Excel Plus business solutions, Fortweddel Investments, Gaffar and Gaffar, Multi Trex Investment Plc, CaromolaFisheries,Wise edge International. Change works international, Barachel Global Services Limited, Certainty Global Services Limited, BioduxSolutions,Land Mark Signet Constructions, Cupid Arrow Complete Ventures.

Since inception, the organisation has birth over 7 thriving businesses from young people, three impactful organisations that are changing their world.

Do The Dream Youth Development Initiative is the wonderful thing that will happen to me. A secondary school graduates with great ability, my life is made already. Through the entrepreneurship programme in which I was given the opportunity to serve, I am grateful. The event has been a blessing to me and I am determined through the help of God to make my world better than I met it. Thank you Do The Dream.

Isreal I